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Safety Alerts – North Ridgeville Police

Judging by the response to our scam post, there seem to be a lot of questions and concerns concerning scams so lets go over a few things:

1. If you get a phone call and think that it may be scam, don't talk to them. It's that easy. They are counting on you talking to them and giving them information. If you just hang up the phone and block that number, it's over.

2. Computers are a bit trickier. You really need to be careful about what links you are clicking on. If you recieve an email that appears to come from a friend but doesn't at all sound like something that friend would send, confirm that your friend sent it before clicking on any links. You aren't in any danger simply opening an email until you start clicking on links. You can find a lot more information here:

3. Don't trust caller ID. It is so easy to spoof a phone number these days. If you are suspicious, call the company back using a phone number that you know is real.

4. Tis the season. The IRS will never contact you by phone and will not have local law enforcement come to your house to arrest you. If someone calls you claiming to be from the IRS and tries to collect a debt, hang up on them. If you are still worried about it you can contact the IRS at

5. Registering your numbers on the "Do Not Call Registry" will absolutely help you avoid calls from legitimate businesses. Unfortunately, scammers don't care about the registry.

6. Check your credit report at least once a year and make sure everything is good.

7. Here are some links that will help you out. The biggest thing to take away from this is that without your willing participation in talking to them, the scam simply will not work. Hang up on them and block the number. If you happen to fall victim to one of these scams and are hurt financially, you can go to your local police department to report the crime. If you simply recieve a call, you can report it at one of the links below.

Just use common sense. If it doesn't feel right to you, it probably isn't. Trust your gut and hang up the phone. If you ever have any questions or are worried that you may have fallen victim to a scam, don't hesitate to come see us.

Stay safe.
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