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June 1, 2020 – 1:00 PM
Conversations have continued over the last 2-3 weeks with the Lorain County Public Health Departement, Pool Management Company, and various vendors to help determine what is required to be compliant and the associated costs (and yes there are unplanned costs to be incured if we open).  We hope to have more information this week about our plans to open (or not open).  As a reminder, if we open, it will not be until late June/early July as required by the pool management company to prepare and staff appropriately.  We thank you for your patience as we navigate these uncharted waters (no pun inteneded.. ok it was).  🙂

Welcome to the Hampton Place Swimming Pool page.  Please know, that use of the pool, pool house, and associated recreational areas are available only to Hampton Place residences whose annual dues are current and financial penalties to the Hampton Place Homeowners Association are paid in full. Any residence with outstanding balances is prohibited from use until all obligations are paid in full as verified by the HOA’s management company.

Registration for use of the pool is required annually and in advance. Registration forms will be mailed with the annual invoices. If you fail to register prior to the pool opening, you must contact the Homeowners Association Management Company to register for pool usage. A small fee may apply.

Pool Season Information


Summer Hours: Daily 11 AM – 8 PM

School Day Hours: 4 PM – 8 PM

Helpful Links

Pool Rules

View Latest Pool Rules & Information

Pool Rules

General Rules around conduct, safety, guests, parties, etc.

View Rules

Waiver Form

Required annually for all residents.

Waiver Form

Required annually to use pool and facilities.

Download Waiver

Access Card Help

Need Card, Lose Card, Access Questions?

Access Card Help

Titan Management handles access card issues.

Contact Titan

Guest Pass Help

Need Guest Pass Replacement?

Guest Pass Help

Titan Managemnet handles guest pass issues.

Contact Titan

Swim Lessons

Resident-Only Swim Lessons Available

Swim Lessons

Click below for more information.

More Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that have frequently been asked by the residents.  To view the answer to each questions, click on the question itself, and the answer will expand below.

How many guests can I bring?2019-04-01T12:09:27-04:00

Please review the Pool Rules document for the latest information on guests.

Is it possible to have adult-only swim time?2019-04-01T12:07:18-04:00

Yes, during the last 15 minutes of every hour, but with caveat and only when two lifeguards are present.

  • Lifeguards are only permitted to watch up to 50 swimmers each at a time.
  • During 1 PM – 5 PM each full swim day, a second lifeguard will be present.
    • If the second lifeguard is not being utilized (for example only 20 people are in the pool during the 0-45 mins. of each hour) then adult-only swim time will be permitted minutes 45-60 of each hour.
    • If both lifeguards are required to be utilized during 0-45 mins of the hour (for example 51+ people are in the pool or other circumstances require both lifeguards attention), then no adult-only swim time will be permitted.
Why does the pool open up during the week at 4:00 PM when school is in session?  This doesn’t seem fair to those residents who are home during this time.2019-04-01T12:00:57-04:00

Pool hours are considered based lifeguard staff availability and associated costs.  Please note:  This is only approximately 5 days of the entire swim season. Majority swim season hours are 11 AM – 8 PM.